Overpass CS:GO – The Basics

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Overpass CS:GO opened the doors to Counter Strike with the release of 1.4 and has since been one of the most used maps in the game. For awhile it was almost obsolete, but then the popularity of Valve’s update brought the older version back into the limelight. With the recent update to the game that added more tools to the arsenal of CTs it made Overpass CS:GO more appealing to use as an actual map. It is also used as a practice map for Valve. This article will show you how to play Overpass CS:GO the right way, as well as how to dominate your friends when you are on the server.

First off the guide for playing overpass csgo should really be classified as a “practice map” rather than a real map. The reason why is because there are so many problems that can occur when calling in on an overpass. The CTs usually have a lot of vision over the middle of the map and can easily get anyone out if they know exactly where you are at. So what do you do? Well I will show you how to dominate your opponents using the new Overpass CS:GO callouts!

The CS:GO callouts are very unique and are very cool because they tell your attackers where you are located as well as how strong you are. The problem is that if you are a good player, and CT, then these callouts won’t do you any good. The problem is that the majority of CS:GO players are bad at calling in effectively. They either have no idea where they are or they don’t know how to make the most of their vision. This means that a majority of your opponents will be able to take advantage of your poor calling abilities. If you want to really dominate the game, then you need to master these.

“Stalemate” mechanics

One of the coolest parts about Overpass is the “stalemate” mechanics. Whenever you are at your opponents’ side, you just sit back and let them take you down one way or another. This is a very cool feature in Overpass. Most people don’t use this tactic, but it works well in Overpass. Watch for players going for a smoke after seeing you have vision over their back door (or the front door if you are T side).

Sometimes, a player will go for an Overpass rush but they won’t have anyone with vision behind them. What they will do then is smoke around and wait for you to either get off site or to cross right through their smokes. If you go through your smoke and they have vision over your whole base, they will go after you. If you can, bait them in and force them to come to you.

Strategy is cheese

Another cool strategy in Overpass is to cheese. When you are CT, it is highly recommended that you play a very aggressive strategy. Go for a mid range playstyle so that you can have more success. Once you are in position to either go for an execute or to buy, hit your B button. Immediately callouts to your teammates so that they know what is going on. If they are aware of it, they can easily stop it.

It is also important that when you are calling, make sure that you do not go too far away from your CT base. You want to have your CT players cover your backdoor, so that your opponents can’t simply walk all around your CT location and take you out easily. If you go too far away, you will probably lose a lot of money right there. Your opponents will be ready to execute on this. They will either send someone to plant a bomb on your CT spot or to go for an execute.

Overall, Overpass is a good map for beginners to learn. It gives you the upper hand in terms of vision control. You should be able to easily setup/break the base with a well executed push. There isn’t a whole lot to learn, other than the basics. Once you get that down, Overpass will allow you to start making good money in CS:GO.