Custom Glass Awards and Trophies

No sport competition, celebration or exhibition can do without a ceremonial part where the winners are awarded. With the help of competently selected awards you can not only show a special attitude to the winner, but also increase the rating and prestige of the event itself. Glass awards have a special niche among all others. They strike with elegance, sophistication, and beauty. In this case, these products are durable, strong and able to please the winner for many years. 

Awards made of glass – Advantages and nuances of manufacturing

Award glass attributes – a fresh solution for the organizers of various events and sports competitions. Such products with each passing day are gaining popularity, because they look prestigious and elegant. When you choose a glass crystal product it is necessary to carefully choose the manufacturer, because only then you can be confident in a consistently high quality and long service life of the award. Masters produce award trophy on modern, high-tech equipment using unique tools. They clearly follow all the rules and regulations in the manufacture of products.

Proper and quality production of awards made of glass allows you to get products with a well polished and perfectly smooth surface, which effectively play with the sun’s rays. This feature makes the products made of glass extraordinarily refined and fascinating. They really look expensive and at the same time are affordable.

Glass awards with engraving offers great opportunities for personalization. Two basic technologies are used for engraving:

  • Laser;
  • UV printing.

The laser allows you to apply personalized information, such as logos, drawings, texts, slogans, not only on the surface of the glass, but also inside. It always looks beautiful and original. But UV technology allows for full-color printing on the surface. So you can choose the best option for yourself.

In online stores there is a huge selection of items for any purpose, stylistic, thematic direction. Cups, statuettes, souvenirs – in such a catalog you can find a variety of products, including gift awards made of glass. Especially exquisite and original, spectacularly looking colored glassware, combined with crystals or a small amount of other materials.

Thanks to the development and use of the latest technology, specialists translate into reality absolutely any, even the most extraordinary ideas. They can create awards of any shape and size, and place a personal logo, emblem, inscription, or a full-fledged picture on it. They also produce products according to your personal sketches or help to develop unique, exclusive products. Reliable companies work only with high-quality materials.

Awards of glass can be used for a special occasion: present the winners of competitions, exhibitions and contests, people who have made a significant contribution to any cause, employees in honor of the company’s birthday or other corporate holiday.

Advantages of awards made of glass

  • Variety of shapes and shades. Glass awards can be colored and transparent, have the shape of a crystal, heart, drop, or geometric shapes, standing on a pedestal of glass, wood or marble.
  • Personification. Items have a place for engraving – using a laser, you can put the title of the event, the name of the recipient, words of gratitude or wishes. Specialists will transfer your sketch or layout, developed by the designer, to the surface.
  • Branding of glass products. You can print a company logo on the award and use it as a gift to employees or a souvenir for promotions.
  • Resistance to mechanical damage. Products do not scratch, do not splinter, well tolerate humidity, temperature changes, do not become muddy because of exposure to detergents.
  • Spectacular look. Transparent and colored awards made of glass shimmer beautifully in the sun. They are packed in a decorative box with textile backing.

Awards made of glass are an excellent choice for rewarding sports and professional achievements. Souvenirs have a spectacular presentable look, shine beautifully and shimmer with bright lights in any lighting. Exclusive prizes will be the perfect memorable gift for athletes, political and professional leaders, actors and celebrities of the show business in various award ceremonies and competitions.

Typically, custom awards can be bought as a ready-made version of the standard layouts. It is also possible to make a prize out of glass to the individual design of the customer. Customers can choose the shape, size and color of products, the material of the stand, order engraving or drawing of corporate logos of the company. Volumetric internal 3D engraving and color printing makes each award unique and inimitable. Glass prizes with commemorative inscriptions and company logos will be a good gift for a colleague or an employee for a significant contribution to corporate achievements.